Flavia Pennetta: ´I Retire Because I Am Tired of Competing. Roberta Like a Sister´

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Flavia Pennetta: ´I Retire Because I Am Tired of Competing. Roberta Like a Sister´

Flavia Pennetta has made her dream come true, become a Grand Slam champion. The 33-year-old Italian had to wait 49 Slams to win her first major, the longest a Slam champion had ever had to wait for. Flavia became the oldest first-time Grand Slam champion in history.

The Italian beat Roberta Vinci in a historical all-Italian final, the first and possibly last we will ever see in women's tennis. Here is what Flavia told the English speaking reporters in Interview Room Number One at Flushing Meadows.

Flavia Pennetta Press Conference F. PENNETTA/R. Vinci 7-6, 6-2 THE MODERATOR: Questions, please. Q. Did it come a little more easily than you may have thought it was, today's match?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: Not really. I mean, the first set was a little bit of drama.

Both of us were starting really tight from the beginning. I mean, was not easy to play today with one of your best friends in the tour, with one you know since long time. A lot of emotion coming together since yesterday. It's not easy to handle everything.

But I'm really happy, because the first set was really tough. In the second one I started to play a little bit better, so I'm really proud of everything this week. Q. What do you think you and Roberta proved to yourselves and proved to everybody?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: I think in woman's Italian tennis now since already few years it's really big, big moment for us in Italy and around the world.

So we just -- I think we didn't prove too much. I mean, we already proved during this year how we are, how good we are in what we are doing, how much heart we put all the time when we get in the court. So it's amazing to have the chance to play with one of your friends.

Anyway, like before, like before the match we say doesn't matter. We're gonna win. It's going to be a big win for both of us. It's going to be a really big win for both of us. It's something amazing, something -- I didn't think to be here.

She didn't think neither to be here today. So it's amazing for our country. Is amazing for everyone. Q. Could you elaborate for us or explain that you are retired as of right now or you will play till the end of the year?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: No, no, I will play until the end of year, but was my last match here in New York.

Q. So what will you play now until the end of the year? You will not play the Olympics?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: For the moment it's not on my goals. Q. What will you play between now and the end of the year?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: I'm supposed to play Wuhan, Beijing.

That's the only two I supposed to play. I think is gonna be the schedule the same. I don't gonna change too much. Q. Do you have a wedding date set?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: No. (Smiling.) Not yet. Q. You're playing so well.

Why are you retiring?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: Ah, why? Because sometimes it's getting hard for me to compete. This is the important point. When you are in the court, when you have to play 24 weeks in the year, you have to fight every week.

And if you don't fight every week in the same way I did today, it's gonna be like bad. For me, also. And I don't feel to have this power anymore sometimes. So this is the perfect moment, I think. Was a really hard decision to make, but I'm really happy that I did it.

I'm really happy and proud of myself. Q. You're No. 6 now in the race to Singapore. Would you ever try to add maybe one more event if you needed to?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: Well, of course. If I have a chance, of course.