Caroline Wozniacki Defends Serena Williams

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Caroline Wozniacki Defends Serena Williams

Last year by now Caroline Wozniacki had just finished running the New York Marathon, few days after losing the US Open final to her friend Serena Williams. A year after things have changed for both players. Neither Caroline nor Serena featured in the US Open final, with Serena missing her chance to collect the calendar Grand Slam for the first time in tennis since Steffi Graf and Caroline losing the points she defended as runner-up.

Caroline and Serena haven't been seen together as much as last year, but that doesn't mean the two are not still very close or rooting for one another to do well on the WTA Tour. Recently, Caroline spoke about Serena and her failed bid to win all 4 Grand Slam titles in the same calendar year, beaten by Roberta Vinci in the semi-finals in New York.

Here what Wozniacki told USA Today: "I think Serena has already proven her value and the place she has in women's history. It is not easy to overtake a player like Steffi Graf, but I believe Serena can do it". Wozniacki also talked about how tennis players seem to have longer careers now, looking both at Serena Williams herself or 34-year-old Roger Federer.

"I think players have found a way to better take good care of their bodies now. It is very important, almost more important than hitting balls on a tennis court". Wozniacki was seen in Aprile watching an NFL game with football star J.

J. Watt. Now, Watt decided to come clean and reveal there is no flirting between the two...