Yanina Wickmayer Confesses Love Has Caused Disharmony in Relationship with her Father

Tennis - Wickmayer talks about her new life in her new book 'On My Own Feet'

by Prakash
Yanina Wickmayer Confesses Love Has Caused Disharmony in Relationship with her Father

Tennis - Belgian tennis star Yanina Wickmayer says that her relationship with her father is not the same anymore and while he remains one of the most important people in her life, it is time for her to move on. Speaking on Belgian TV to present her just released book "On My Own Feet", Wickmayer commented, "It's just the idea of ​​the book to be very open.

I want to bring out the person next to the tennis player and a different perspective on my life. I've always had a very protective father who taught me to keep my private life to myself. By becoming more mature, I'm beginning to realize that I really have not wanted to.

I want the people to know what my life is like, and I feel much better. " Wickmayer, who reached the Top 20 a few years ago, says, she and her father left for the United States when her mother died from cancer at the age of 9.

"We actually ran a little after the death of my mother. We thought it better to do the processing of this loss in peace.I had nightmares and I saw my mother everywhere. At the age of 9 is very difficult to understand. Tennis has been in the US a foothold.

It was a project of mine and my father to handle everything without people constantly asking us how it went. I was constantly challenged and everything was an adventure. I had no time to mourn, and I'm glad. I know I could not have done it at that age." Wickmayer also said she did not have much of a life outside of tennis and decided to change that a few years ago.

"When everything went well, I asked myself questions. But when I was standing on the side with an injury and could not play, I began to realize that I actually next to tennis had no life. My life was poor in feelings and emotions.

I had no people around me and that everything put into motion. I wanted to know who I was actually outside of the tennis court. I play tennis now only for myself and that's all my energy , passion and motivation to lose. in addition to the job I am a very open girl." Speaking about her relationship with her father, Wickmayer says that her fiance Jerome and her father do not get along "It hurts that the two men that I see the love, do not get along with each other.

That's not easy for me. Especially since I do not have a mother. But my faith in my relationship is bigger than the doubts that my dad gives me. I used to always be on his side and it is completely different now. I'm more concerned with what I want and what makes me happy self." Source - Sporza.Be

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