Naomi Broady: Aegon Manchester Trophy will be emotional


Naomi Broady: Aegon Manchester Trophy will be emotional

British tennis player Naomi Broady says it will be "emotional” when she returns to play the Aegon Manchester Trophy. She hopes to produce a positive performance in front of her family and friends at the Northern Tennis Club.

"Even though we're a big city, we're like a village community," said Broady. “I think it's good that we can hold such positive events so close to the tragedy of Manchester Arena. My grandmother's coming to watch me play for the first time, so it's going to be an emotional event for many reasons.” Broady said her sister was close to one of the victims of the attacks.

"My sister went to school with Martyn,” Broady said. "She was a good friend of his, so everyone in our local area did a vigil for him. It was so overwhelming, the response and the messages that were received by the families.

It really hit home in Manchester. You either knew someone who was involved or someone that was affected by it. “I was in Paris but the stories I read about how people reacted made me proud to be a Man.” Ranked outside the Top-100 at the moment, she said that her first aim is to break the Top-100.

“I didn't win one match over the grass last year,” said Broady who has a career-best ranking of 76. “That wasn't very good but for this year it means I can play with no pressure, get the ranking points and hope to get back into the top 100 for the US Open.

I'm working hard to do my best here in Manchester. It would be a dream for me to win it.” ALSO READ Judy Murray: 'I made a big mistake sending Jamie away from home at age 12'

Naomi Broady