WTA CEO In Favour of Zhuhai and Singapore Switching Spots on the Calendar

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WTA CEO In Favour of Zhuhai and Singapore Switching Spots on the Calendar

Tennis - The WTA Tour Chief Executive Steve Simon says that he wants the season-ending WTA Tour Finals and the WTA Elite Trophy to switch spots on the calendar. Currently, the the WTA Elite Trophy, which features players ranked 9-20, ends the season with the WTA Tour Finals, which features the top eight ranked players, being held one week prior to the same.

Simon hopes that starting in 2019, the two tournaments will switch sopts on the calendar with the season ending with the WTA Tour Finals instead. Speaking to reporters in Zhuhai, Simon commented, "Several years ago they were flipped.

It is something I would like to see changed going forward. It won't happen in 2018 but for '19 and beyond it would be my goal to see the WTA Finals as the last event of the year, no question. I think it's something that we have to fix long term." Simon said he had no plans to scrap the WTA event in Zhuhai although the tournament has not been able to attract the crowds in large numbers, "What sport do you play where at the end of the season players aren't tired, they're not held together by tape, ice and aspirin? Based upon the investments that have been made it's very hard to tell somebody we don't want you anymore...

That can hurt you too. So you have to respect the investment that's been made and see how you can get creative and make it work. You're seeing more courts being built... more grassroots programmes coming in, they're taking it to the schools, they're doing a lot of things that fully support the investment.

There's a feeling and a perception, and it's to some extent fair, that great events, great facilities, great hospitality, no fans. Where are they? It's something we have to work on. But I think that the idea that because that's a challenge, that you shouldn't be here, is the wrong approach...

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