Serena Williams beats Daniilidou to go through into next round of Cincinnati

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Serena Williams beats Daniilidou to go through into next round of Cincinnati

World no. 4 and seed no. 2 Serena Williams, playing her first match after winning Olympic Games Gold Medal less than two weeks ago, overcame windy conditions to beat her experienced Greek opponent Eleni Daniilidou in straight sets 6-3,6-4 to get through to the next round.

Olympics and Wimbledon champion, who has lost just one match this year, out of the last 36 matches she has played, was disturbed by the wind but it did not had any effect on the result. Serena made 44 unforced errors but a break in each set was enough for her.

"I had 44 unforced errors. That's shocking. It's unprofessional. Hopefully I clean up my act for my next match," Williams said. "She moved really fast and getting everything back. It was good for me for my upcoming matches." 14 time Grand Slam champion had fun doing it as she talked about her new look.

"I need to calm it down. It's really big," she commented. "It was a little windy, so it was getting in my face, and I put it in this '80s scrunchie I happened to have. The look isn't new. I've just let it go super natural and super crazy and not care.

It's fun." 44 time WTA tour title winner has not won this tournament before and she would be looking for somthing new this time. "I've won this tournament. I have. When it wasn't this big. But it counts," Williams said when told in her press conference this is one of the biggest tournaments she has never won.

"I did win this tournament, didn't I? "Maybe I didn't. I can't keep up. I don't think I did. Okay, whoops. Yeah, I didn't win this tournament. I thought I did. I really thought I did. "See, I have something new to do now!" Serena also talked about her memories at this event and praised the fans and the supporters.

"I had a great comeback here. It was a great story for me. I was down and came here and beat the No.1 seed at the time, Myskina. I have great memories here. That really propelled me to start my career over again. "I came back here and kept going and kept going, and eventually I started winning my Grand Slams again.

It was a great time for me. I have so much support here in Cincinnati. You have such great fans and great people here. The midwest is filled with people with wonderful hearts. "It's a great place. I love it here."