Kiki Bertens Looking Forward to Life Post Tennis Career

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Kiki Bertens Looking Forward to Life Post Tennis Career

Tennis - Dutchwoman Kiki Bertens says she does not plan to play tennis for many years more and is looking forward to her life once her tennis career is over. Speaking to the Dutch website NOS, Bertens says, "You're so much away, you miss out on a lot of things at home, life after tennis is a good prospect, there's so much more, if tennis really works for me, yes, you can see that.

nice job. There were 60 or 70-year-olds playing next to me on the track, but I do not see myself doing that and it will be difficult to accept that your level is going down." Her coach Raemon Sluiter comments, "Kiki will not try again at Roland Garros at the age of 35.

That's not her, her sister has a baby, I see she wants it too, that she craves it." Talking about coaching changes, Sluiter says, "There is something going on occasionally, sometimes I get too many credits, which makes me worse, Kiki is the one who does it, and when I give her my word for a full year, I really give my word.

It is worth a lot if you can build something with someone." Talking about her season so far and her goals, Bertens says, "I had hoped for more in Dubai and Melbourne, but that is part of tennis, and every week you have new opportunities, and everyone can win from each other in the top fifty.

There are almost no easy laps. Becoming number one of the world, is that where Bertens wants to go? It seems feasible. You do everything and try to get as high as possible, whether it's really a goal ... That's not a big grand slam, it's more than I play every tournament to win."