Sania Mirza determined to return to action after giving birth

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Sania Mirza determined to return to action after giving birth

Nearly five months after giving birth to baby Izzy, Sania Mirza has been spotted on a tennis court and now sets her sights on a professional return in August. The 32 year old opened up to ‘The Times of India’ about spending five hours in the gym each day to regain her strength following her difficult C-section delivery.

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The six-time grand slam doubles champion has lost 22 kilos in three months training on her own.

Mirza puts it down to 100 minutes of cardio sessions, her knowledge of fitness, as well as her extremely determined nature. She has only recently started training with Albury Olympian and training guru Robert Ballard.

“I’ve got four-five weeks of training to go before I am where I would like to be, which is where I was before I got pregnant,” Mirza told Times Sportal.

“In the normal scheme of things, that’s not much time, considering I delivered only four months ago. Once I get back to where I want to be physically, I’ll start playing. I had three surgeries before I had a baby so I have to be careful about how I address my playing, my return to competition”.

Mirza also revealed that she would aim to be back in action by the US Open in August, which she admitted was a conservative approach in order to give herself as much time as possible: “I don’t want to be in a position where because I have under-trained I’ve gotten hurt.

I would hate that”. She also added: “But I have enjoyed it because for 9-10 months, I did what I wanted to, I ate what I wanted to which I never did all my life. I was very sure that from the day I delivered my baby, everything would change”.

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