Halep replaced French model sparring partner with a robot

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Halep replaced French model sparring partner with a robot

Simona Halep replaced her sparring partner with a robot before Anisimova duel because of the opponents she would have had to face. The services of Louis Quennesen, a former tennis player and a male model, were no longer required in Halep’s team.

Simona’s coach shared the reason that conducted to the change: “Now we will bring a robot, probably, for the upper phases, because more straight shots are required. The girls which she has to play with are hitting more flat shots”, said Daniel Dobre.

The Romanian started French Open without one of her usual sparring partners, Vasile Antonescu, and without her kinesiotherapist, Bogdan Covrig. Simo’s coach unveiled the reason behind this decision: “ It was her decision.

It wasn’t something only for Roland Garros. She needed more quietness as there is a lot going on around her especially in this period and because this is her most important Grand Slam. She needed more mental comfort, the team was too big.

She needed air”. Daniel Dobre had trained Halep in the past once and, now, he said what has changed at the Romanian champion: “The people around her look at her differently. She is more involved in social life, has a lot of friends in the circuit, talks with a lot of coaches.

She is really appreciated in this community” Dobre also admitted that Simona “hits more dropshots than before”.