Simona Halep back home aiming at Wimbledon title

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Simona Halep back home aiming at Wimbledon title

Simona Halep arrived in Romania with a positive feeling, even if she was kicked out of French Open in straight sets by a 17-year-old. She pointed out that her main objective is Wimbledon. Halep arrived in Romania in a surprisingly good mood.

She shared the reason behind the Anisimova upset and how she feels now: "When I started the tour it was totally different, another atmosphere and other thoughts. There was no one to blame. I had a bad day and didn't get the win.

Everyone had their matches delayed. It was a pleasure to be on the position of the tournament winner and I hope this will happen again. It wasn't a disappointing moment. Quarter-finals at a Grand Slam is a very good result.

I feel mentally well and I am very happy. It doesn't matter what others say." This comment came after she declared that weather affected her pretty much in the day she was got beaten by Anisimova: "For everybody, it's tough to wait, and then the match to be cancelled, to go home.

Around 4:00 p.m., I think we got cancelled and was, like, all day on the couches." Despite her improved mood, Halep was disturbed because the journalists asked about a possible comeback of her former coach, Darren Cahill: "I don't know who says this, but if I don't say it then it's not true.

When a new change will take place, I will let you know" Furthermore, Halep pointed out her current objective: "The main objective is Wimbledon. Every tournament is an objective for me and when I go to a tournament I want to win it"