Simona Halep honored with Patriarchal Cross after Wimbledon success

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Simona Halep honored with Patriarchal Cross after Wimbledon success

Simona Halep was awarded the Patriarchal Cross - the highest decoration of the Romanian Patriarchate -, for her performances along the years and especially after becoming the 2019 Wimbledon champion, all obtained while remaining faithful to her Christian Orthodox religion.

During the award ceremony held on Thursday in Romania, patriarch Daniel expressed the reasons behind the Patriarchate’s decision to award Halep, according to quotes published by Basilica: “To many of today's young people, Simona is a symbol of diligence, perseverance, and hope.

We are happy to emphasize that all of her achievements are the expression of her native talent cultivated through effort, constant effort. In addition, however, the Church, dear Simona, praises a lot with the fact that you publicly confess your Christian Orthodox faith by the sign of the Cross, and that is how you show that you faithfully represent the Romanian people, a God-loving and talented nation.

We wish you many years in health and happiness and much help from God!" The Wimbledon champion thanked God for all that she accomplished and shared her goal of inspiring children: "I always thank God for all He has given me and the family where I grew up.

I'm glad that I am a Romanian, I'm glad to be on this Earth and I hope to bring joy to as many people and children as possible, to inspire them to succeed with what they want. Thank God and God bless us all!" Besides the Patriarchal Cross, Simona received a Centennial Bible published in 2018 with the occasion of celebrating 100 years from The Great Union that took place on 1 December 1918 and that had the role of merging all the historic territories inhabited by Romanians.