Simona Halep in front of 30,000 fans: “We can do anything!”

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Simona Halep in front of 30,000 fans: “We can do anything!”

Wimbledon champion Simona Halep was celebrated on the National Stadium of Romania by 30,000 fans who congratulated their hero for winning the All England Club’s final against one of the best players in the WTA history, Serena Williams.

The Romanian was congratulated and applauded in a special event that marked her first Wimbledon triumph. The show was impressive and Halep even got her favourite song being interpreted live by a prestigious vocalist. Simona thanked the Romanian people for always supporting her: “I want to thank you for all the positive energy that you have always transmitted to me, I feel it and when I go to tournaments, I have a lot of Romanians behind my back.

It’s a special thing that you came so many in this evening to enjoy this trophy together” Also, Halep had a motivational message for the Romanian nation: “I know that we need a model in life to be motivated and inspired, but the most important thing is to have faith in ourselves.

That’s why, if we manage to have trust in ourselves, in our inner strength, we can do anything! I wish you only well, I thank you for being with me in a beautiful moment!” Since her arrival in Romania, besides being congratulated by tens of thousands of fans, Simona Halep was awarded the order “Star of Romania” and was honored with the Patriarchal Cross for her remarkable efforts.