Halep plans to scout 1 million kids for tennis champions factory

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Halep plans to scout 1 million kids for tennis champions factory

During her celebration event held in front of 30,000 fans, Simona Halep declared that she plans to work with the Romanian Tennis Federation and guide as many children as possible – she wants 1 million -, to tennis in order to create other champions like herself.

“After the US Open, when I will have more free time, I will leave in my country with the Federation’s officials to discover more young people. We want to pick more children that we will guide to this sport. I want one million children.

I want them to go to tennis and become champions. To come in this stadium and celebrate them!” said Halep on a stage in front of her fans. Simona is known for her kind and charitable acts. She even owns Simona Halep Foundation which focuses on three main branches: sports, health, and education.

“Creating a foundation has been a longstanding wish of mine, but it is also a new challenge for me, through which I can give something back in the long run. Together with my partners, I will try to develop long-lasting projects.

One of the foundation’s main goals is to leave a legacy long after my career is over. When I hang up my rackets, I will dedicate 100 per cent of my time to this project”, is Halep’s statement on her foundation’s site.

Her most recent funding acts was the exhibition match that took place during the Sports Festival in Cluj-Napoca.