Main area in Bucharest to wear the name of Simona Halep

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Main area in Bucharest to wear the name of Simona Halep

The mayor of Romania’s capital initiated a project that renames an esplanade from the central area of Bucharest to “Simona Halep Esplanade” to honor the Wimbledon success of the Romanian champion. The area that will probably be named after the Wimbledon queen sits in front of the Romanian Athenaeum, a historic building that serves as a concert hall and shelters the George Enescu Philharmonic.

"Considering the fact that Simona Halep is the first player from Romania that won in 2019 the Grand Slam tournament from Wimbledon, I submit for debate and approval to the General Council of Bucharest the project of decision regarding the attribution of the name Esplanada SIMONA HALEP to the public space placed at the intersection of George Enescu Square/ Calea Victoriei.

Episcopiei Street and B. Franklin Street, sector 1, Bucharest", was written on the project of the mayor Gabriela Firea. The project is going to be discussed in a meeting of the General Council of Bucharest which will take place on July 31st.

This is not the first act of the mayor of Bucharest in honor of Simona Halep. The champion was acclaimed on the National Arena Stadium by 30,000 fans who congratulated their hero for defeating Serena Williams in the Wimbledon final.

“I want to thank you for all the positive energy that you have always transmitted to me, I feel it and when I go to tournaments, I have a lot of Romanians behind my back", was Halep's response to the fans.

Besides this, the Romanian Ministry of Communications released postage stamps through Romfilatelia illustrating "Simona Halep, the Romanian tennis ambassador" Also, Simona recently received the Patriarchal Cross and is going to be awarded the highest Romanian order - The Star of Romania.