Welcome to USA, Svetlana! Kuznetsova receives visa, and access to US Open

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Welcome to USA, Svetlana! Kuznetsova receives visa, and access to US Open

The 2004 US Open winner, Russian Svetlana Kuznetsova, finally obtained the right to play in the USA after she was not let to defend her Washington title because of her visa problems. Kuznetsova posted on Instagram a picture of her new visa along with the message “Better later than never” to announce that she received her visa.

However, the Russian’s visa issues caused her many problems including missing the Washington Open, a tournament she won last year. “Unfortunately I had to pull out of Washington due to my problems with US visa (Wanted to apologize to all my fans who were waiting for me there.

Never had issues like this in my life, hopefully, one day I can finally get a visa and play at list some events of the US swing!”, noted Kuznetsova before the Washington tournament on Instagram. Also, Svetlana’s problems with obtaining the visa date since February according to one of her Instagram posts in which she ironically brings President Donald Trump in discussion: “since February waiting for my US visa.

Should I ask @realdonaldtrump for help. Really want to go to play US swing tournaments” Before Kuznetsova solved her visa issues, the Russian Embassy in the US “sent a note of protest to the US Department of State demanding that they cease the discriminatory policy of refusing visas to Russian participants in international events”, according to TASS – the Russian press agency.

The US Embassy in Moscow’s spokesperson, Andrea Kalan, confirmed last week that Svetlana’s problems were finally solved: "the American visa for Russian tennis player Svetlana Kuznetsova is ready." Even if Kuznetsova wasn’t able to play at Washington, it is important that the issues have been solved and she will have the right to participate in any tournaments from the United States including the last Grand Slam of the year – the US Open -, which starts on August 26th.