US Open winner Bianca Andreescu has arrived on the scene like a hurricane

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US Open winner Bianca Andreescu has arrived on the scene like a hurricane

Bianca Andreescu’s fervent belief has skyrocketed her to the zenith of the sport, winning her maiden slam at just age 19 in a remarkably historic year for the Canadian phenom. She’s been building to the pivotal moment all year long.

It has truly been the year of Bianca Andreescu. On Monday, she will break into the Top 5 for the first time. She began the year ranked No. 178, but hit the ground running by busting through the qualies at Auckland to make her first final.

Tennis fans took notice. Aged only 18 at the time, the Romanian-Canadian defeated big names such as Venus Williams, Caroline Wozniacki, and Hsieh Su-Wei in three straight matches before succumbing to Julia Georges, but getting a set off her in the process.

Andreescu’s skillful variety of shots has a way of dismantling her opponents, as she’s done all year round. With the win over Serena Williams at Flushing Meadows, 6-3, 7-5, she’s now 8-0 against top players.

The 19-year-old has a way of combining audacious shots with dizzying top spins, all with a gloriously fearless, in-your-face approach. She backs up her powerful confidence with the intelligence to thread her game to take the momentum away from her competitors, as she did with Williams.

Even when it looks like she may be letting the set slip away from her—as she did in the second set when the 37-year-old rallied to even things up—she has an uncanny ability and brawny belief to dig deep and urge herself on.

Her self-belief is mesmerizing, with her “come on” and willful yells to spur herself on. Her self-belief is also intimidating to her opponents, even to the greatest of all time, Williams, who succumbed to her power in the first set.

Andreescu’s belief was never more evident than her answer to her coach when he was surprised by his own trophy. At the celebration after her win in New York, the USTA presented her coach, Sylvain Bruneau, with his own trophy.

His response: “I’m not used to this, holding trophies”. “Well, get used to it,” was Andreescu’s audacious response. More trophies are certain to follow. Judging the Canadian’s path all year, Andreescu’s victories have been a signal of her major presence on the stage of tennis.

She’s also dealt with injury, that has forced her to withdraw from a few tournaments, likely a result of her power-game, but has also demonstrated a strong resolve to bounce back and impress even further. Her uncanny ability to power through injuries is a bit reminiscent of Rafael Nadal in some ways.

Bianca Andreescu may have surprised many by her ascent to the tennis ranks. Everyone, that is, except herself. The 19-year-old visualized the very day when she won the Orange Bowl at age 15. “After I won the Orange Bowl, a couple of months after, I really believed that I could be at this stage.

Since then, honestly, I’ve been visualizing it almost every single day. For it to become a reality is just so crazy. I guess these visualizations really, really work!” As the first Canadian grand slam winner, Bianca Andreescu is a supernova among tennis players, and she is only going to continue to rise.

She’s not letting anything stand in her way. She was asked about her goals for the rest of the year, to which she promptly replied that she sees herself in the Top 3.

It’s only a matter of time before she gets the world No. 1 spot itself. Andreescu is a hurricane in women’s tennis and it’s best to step out of her way.