Halep’s manager attacks Andreescu after WTA Finals win

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Halep’s manager attacks Andreescu after WTA Finals win

Simona Halep’s communication manager Cosmin Hodor had quite a controversial congratulations message for Simo after she pulled a marvelous comeback against Bianca Andreescu at the WTA Finals. The essence of Hodor’s message is that Romania can create tennis stars as well.

Tennis enthusiasts don’t need to move to another country to turn play at a high level. “Today, Simona showed us one more time that you don’t need to leave Romania to make performance at a high level; Romanians live with the wrong idea that staying in Romania will not bring them the chance of making performance”, Hodor said on his Instagram post.

Knowing Andreescu’s Romanian origins, Hodor wanted to highlight the fact that Simona plays for the country that raised her, not for another country as Andreescu does. Bianca was born in Canada, but she made the first steps into the tennis world in Romania.

Now, the US Open champion plays under Canada’s flag. “Bianca is a champion of Canada, and Simona’s proposal for us is to be champions for Romania. We need to thank Simona’s parents as well because they didn’t choose the idea of financing another country and to play for another flag”.

Hodor concluded. Even if Hodor’s comment may be well-founded, the idea of comparing the two players’ parents was not the best. His comment made some noise in the Romanian press. However, even if Romania has not been exactly a ramp for success, their presence in the tennis world started to be more visible.

Simona Halep, in the WTA, and Marius Copil, in the ATP, have been the most prolific players in the last few years for the Balkan country.