Patricia Maria Tig: Family Life Has Helped My Tennis

Tenins - Tig won the WTA 125K title in Karlsruhe, Germany and reached the final in Bucharest

by Prakash
Patricia Maria Tig: Family Life Has Helped My Tennis

Romania's Patricia Maria Tig says the birth of her daughter and the support of her husband have helped her become a stronger person on and off the court, and has also helped her tennis this past year. In a recent interview with the WTA, Tig says, "My life as a mom is the best life that I could ever ask for!

It's something indescribable. Sofia just took her first steps, and I can see how time is flying — that's what scares me the most! It’s something I've been dreaming of for a very long time, and it finally happened.

My life with Sofia and Razvan gives me peace and happiness. I can tell my mind, my mentality...has changed. Like I said, I feel I've grown a lot as a person during my time off court and I'm really proud of that. My shots improved because of my mind.

Now, I feel very comfortable playing on any side, forehand or backhand, but of course, there are lots of things I have to improve in order to get better and better. I'm feeling a lot better on court. I enjoy it more. I'm more humble, and again, I'm really proud of that." Tig took a two-year break from the game due to back injuries and says she is trying to keep her back problems under control.

"I’m trying to keep [her back problems] under control as much as I can, but my time off the court was something that I enjoyed very much. When I look back, I see that I've grown so much as a person and also as a tennis player.

It was a special period of my life then, but unfortunately, I didn't know to really appreciate it. If I would be in the same position again, I would definitely treat those situations differently”. Tig has started working her way back through playing the low-level ITF tournaments and says the support of her husband has really helped her.

“We decided that was the best thing for me to get back in shape, and I can say it was hard in the beginning. We were practicing, then playing matches, and I was trying to get better and better every day — and that's what happened.

I didn't have any goals for the rest of the year [after Mexico] — just to enjoy what I do every day, but with Razvan, it was different. He always told me we were going to make it back to the Top 100 at the end of the year, but I did not believe him.

He was always the one who stayed by my side when things went wrong, or when I was injured, and always believed in me — which was a tough job, believe me! — but he was right. We almost made it back, and we are proud.

Also, my parents were the ones staying by my side. [They were] not really caring if I'm going to play or not, but were only looking to see me happy." Tig has had incredible success in 2019 - she reached the final in Bucharest as a qualifier and also won her first WTA 125K Series title in Karlsruhe, Germany in August.

"I am really proud of what we did there and I did not expect it. I think that's when the best results show up. I was having a tough two weeks, because I had to play pre-qualification in order to get the wildcard for qualifications, and the rest you already know.

It was really special. I was super happy because I could tell all the people that I’m back. Nobody believed I would be able to play again after having our baby — so it was like, 'Hello, again!' Also, the atmosphere was unbelievable.

All the people cheering for me [was an] amazing feeling. I want to tell them, 'Thank you! I can't wait to be back!'” Karlsruhe has a special place in my heart, being the first WTA [125K] tournament that I won. It was such a relaxing atmosphere — Sofia was with us, and we had a really great time there.

I hope someday I will be back. 2019 was the best year so far, which taught me a lot. I can only say that we're waiting for 2020 with the open arms — trying to do our best, always”.

Patricia Maria Tig