Henin: 'It's going to be difficult for Serena Williams but She can still surprise us'

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Henin: 'It's going to be difficult for Serena Williams but She can still surprise us'

While many are tipping Serena Williams to triumph in Australia and equal the all time record for most number of Grand Slam titles currently held by Margaret Court, one former World No. 1 and tennis expert says while it may be difficult for her to win another Slam, she would not write her off either due to her champion mentality.

According to TennisHead, seven-time Grand Slam champion Justine Henin, once a former rival of Serena before she retired, says "She wants to do it, that’s for sure. She wouldn’t be on the tour anymore if it wasn’t her goal.

Three years ago we were saying that also about Roger Federer and he proved so many things and Serena, we can’t forget how many Grand Slam finals she played since she was back. So she didn’t win but she was there.

It was the experience she has, the passion of the game [that got her there]. [With] the mentality she has she still can surprise us. It is going to be difficult [for Williams to win another Grand Slam], that’s for sure and more with the time going out that’s for sure.

The young generation is pressing hard but who knows? I wouldn’t predict that she doesn’t have any chance anymore”. Speaking on the younger generation of players, Henin says, “Ashleigh Barty has been probably the one who took a little bit more of the lead on the circuit as she has been quite regular.

For the rest we have seen plenty of different things, Osaka having trouble to succeed after coming at the top, being number one and then we have seen Simona Halep playing so well at Wimbledon, and Bianca Andreescu. So it has been very exciting and I was maybe a little bit more negative 12 months ago than I am today but the woman’s game.

I have seen very interesting things in the past few months and I must say Ashleigh Barty and Andreescu, I was impressed about the level that they have been able to play. We’ll see but the woman’s game I think is quite attractive at the moment even if I would like more, really three or four players that we see at their best level all the time. That would be fantastic as we have had on the men’s tour for so many years”.