Dayana Yastremska: My Goal is to win a Grand Slam and Be a Happy Person in Life

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Dayana Yastremska: My Goal is to win a Grand Slam and Be a Happy Person in Life

World No.25 Dayana Yastremska, of Ukraine, says her goal is to win a Grand Slam title and become better on and off the court, while speaking to the WTA Tour. The 19 year old Yastremska says, "My goal now is to perfect myself on the court and off the court, be more disciplined, get Top 20, to win a Grand Slam.

My dream is just to be a happy person in life." The teenager says she was very active right from childhood, which has helped her become the person and athlete she is today. "The character and spirit I have right now, it’s from childhood I was doing tennis, swimming, dancing, gymnastics, singing.

But I loved something where you can put all your energy away." Yastremska says that after doing several activities, it was the tennis court where she found her passion. "First practice, I went with my grandfather.

[I] realized that’s something where I have a passion, where I really want to see myself." After a successful junior career, where she reached the Wimbledon girls singles final, Yastremska won her first WTA singles title at Hong Kong aged 18, and won 2 more WTA titles at Hua Hin and Strasbourg in 2019.

She started 2020 on a good note, reaching the final in Adelaide. Besides tennis, she has also started her own charitable fund and loves spending time with her family in Ukraine. Yastremska has trained at the Justine Henin Academy, with Henin becoming her consultant in 2018.

She worked with one of the academy's coaches, Oliver Jeunehomme, until September 2019. Last year, she hired Sascha Bajin as her new coach.