WTA Bogota Tournament Organizers May Look for Another Date in 2020 Calendar

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WTA Bogota Tournament Organizers May Look for Another Date in 2020 Calendar

The WTA event in Bogota has been one of the events canceled by the WTA Tour due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. While most tournaments that were canceled due to the outbreak have ruled out the possibility of rescheduling and are already thinking about the 2021 edition, the organizers of the Bogota WTA event have said they will try to hold the event later this year.

The tournament was originally scheduled to take place between April 4th and 12th. In a statement published on their social media account - the organisers say, "We will do everything in our power to make Bogota live the party of the WTA circuit in 2020.

As part of the commitment to our country and in full support of the instructions of the National Government, the Ministry of Health and the City of Bogotá, so that we can overcome in the best possible way the situation caused by the appearance of the Covid-19 coronavirus, we formally announce that the drone will not be carried out on the date it was foreseen.

We appreciate the understanding of sponsors, the public, the media and athletes from different countries in the world who planned to participate in the event. Once the world authorities consider that this pandemic has been overcome and that the mobility of people between countries does not pose health risks, we will announce new decisions."

The WTA has taken a case-by-case approach of canceling events and in some cases is waiting for local administrative officials to cancel tournaments due to local restrictions. The WTA Stuttgart event is the latest tournament to be canceled due to local guidelines.