Venus Williams on Will Smith playing her father Richard in biopic

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Venus Williams on Will Smith playing her father Richard in biopic

Former World No. 1 Venus Williams spoke about the biopic that is being made on the life of her father Richard Williams in an interview to Access Hollywood. The movie is called King Richard and stars Will Smith as her father Richard, and is scheduled to be released in November (though that may change based on the current situation).

Venus, a seven-time Grand Slam singles champion, says, "I love Will Smith, but I think if you ask anyone in this world, they love him, so I'm really thrilled for him playing the part, and the young actresses who are playing the roles of not only Serena and I, but our whole family.

It's a family story, and I think, right now, we're noticing how family, friends, things that are most important in life are really becoming most important - we all want to stay healthy. This story is about a family and how that family together, came up.

It's really interesting to look back and remember some moments. We laugh, we cry... and it make you think, it makes you appreciate, it raises you up. Will is doing that. He's really taken in the role and done research on my dad that I've even forgot about.

I'm really proud of the justice he's going to do my dad and his legacy." Speaking about the young stars, Saniyya Sidney and Demi Singleton, who are playing the Williams sisters in the movie, Venus says, "We had a chance to meet them and Serena and I were joking, laughing with them...

like they were the real Venus and Serena warning them, like, 'Don't do this at this time in your life!' We had a lot of fun with them." Williams also spoke about the virtual workouts she has been doing online during the lockdown period, where she is joined by special guests including sister Serena and mother Oracene.

"I've been doing workouts, Monday through Friday, kind of like a lunchtime break - 12 noon on my on my Instagram live. It's been an incredible experience. The feedback has been great - keeping people motivated is a part of being able to be healthy and build those healthy endorphins; getting people up and moving during the middle of the day; and helping people still have hope and still be active, stay healthy and that we'll get through this together. I'll be doing this until further notice!"