WTA Charities Launch 'WTA 4 Love' Humanitarian Campaign

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WTA Charities Launch 'WTA 4 Love' Humanitarian Campaign

The Women’s Tennis Association and its charitable arm WTA Charities have announced the launch of WTA 4 Love, a humanitarian campaign which aims to support local communities affected by the coronavirus pandemic, according to a press release from the WTA site.

WTA 4 Love will enlist support from the WTA central organization, players, tournaments, sponsors and partners and its aim is to support hospitals, food banks, schools and other institutions that need help during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The support would come in the form of donations of medical equipment and supplies, helping schools with online resources to support learning and youth empowerment, guidance on health and well-being initiatives from WTA experts, as well as raising general awareness about staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ann Austin, Senior Director of Community Development at the WTA, commented, "In the face of a global challenge as immense as the one caused by COVID-19, it is more important than ever to focus on our local communities.

We hope that by highlighting the various charitable initiatives of our players, tournaments, and partners under the WTA 4 Love banner, we will inspire WTA fans around the world to do what they can to help at this critical time”.

Among the first initiatives to be launched by them is the donation of 5,000 masks to first line responders and 20,000 meals in the Tampa Bay area and the supply of 4,000 meals for front line medical professionals, children and families in London.

As part of the initiative, the WTA Charities is now a listed charitable entity on Amazon Smiles, where customers can select WTA Charities to receive a percentage of their total purchase amount for customers in the United States while individuals can also participate by signing up at https://smile.amazon.com and setting WTA Charities to receive their donation.