WTA partners with SAP to announce launch of WTA University

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WTA partners with SAP to announce launch of WTA University

The women's WTA Tour has announced a partnership with global technology partner SAP to launch a new educational platform for WTA players called WTA University.

WTA announces launch of WTA University

The university's aim is to help improve the lives and careers of players on the WTA Tour by offering resources for physical and mental health, as well as personal and professional growth, as per the WTA website.

Some of the resources available on the platform currently include financial coaching by certified specialists, leadership guidance from tennis legend Billie Jean King and guided fitness classes and orientation courses for new players.

The WTA is also expecting to expand the platform so that it can cater to the needs of WTA tournament staff, coaches and other player support team members. American player Cici Bellis spoke about the launch of the WTA University, “It’s been incredible to have WTA University launch during this time.

It’s given us new tools that allow us to focus our minds on something outside of tennis and improve our knowledge. It’s vital information, along with a variety of health resources too. I’ve really enjoyed having access to the yoga classes on demand.

Even if I can’t make the live WTA session, I can still log on and stream any of the ‘It Takes Live’ daily fitness classes from my laptop or phone, wherever I am”. Romani's Alexandra Dulgheru commented, "I've been trying to fill up my time with things that I don’t normally have the chance to do.

These courses for me were very helpful. The WTA has been very organized and has really tried to help us out. I was interested because I’m in the last years of my career - I’m 31. Although I love tennis a lot, I know that at some point it will end.

So I thought that now would be the best time to do it." Irina Khromacheva spoke about how the session with tennis legend Billie Jean King was a great learning experience. "The hour with Billie Jean King was super great.

It’s amazing to hear from such a legend. A lot of the girls were writing down everything she was saying and it was very interesting. I want to be a coach in the future, so I’ve used the courses in that kind of way."

The Women's Tennis Association (WTA) is the principal organizing body of women's professional tennis and governs the WTA Tour which is the worldwide professional tennis tour for women. All events on the WTA Tour have been suspended since March due to the global pandemic and a decision on the resumption of the circuit is expected this week.