Simona Halep: "US Open? I will make a choice soon"

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Simona Halep: "US Open? I will make a choice soon"

Will Simona Halep play the US Open? The Romanian has not yet decided whether or not to play in New York. Simona was expected to play her first tournament after the long break related to the health emergency last week at the Palermo Ladies Open, but some problems and fears prevented the Romanian champion from reaching the Italian event.

Even the great work done by Oliviero Palma, director of the tournament, was not enough, who moved in person to allow Halep to skip the mandatory quarantine in Italy for those coming from Romania (measure adopted directly by the Italian Government after all the problems releated to Covid-19 in Romania - ed.) It was not enough because Halep decided a few days before the start of the event to forfeit and postpone her come back.

However, the two-time Grand Slam champion will be on stage in Prague this week and she will face Polona Hercog in the first round.

Simona Halep's doubts about the next edition of the US Open

In a press conference, Halep started from the difficult months experienced after the outbreak of the health emergency around the world.

She said: "It was shocking for me to see that everything was blocked. I am used to always being on the go and suddenly I was forced to stay at home every day and live a normal life. I did not understand and did not want to accept it at the beginning.

I was worried. I asked people how I should behave and they told me that if I took the right precautions, neither I nor those around me would get sick. So I did and so I am continuing to do. Now I'm calmer, but the situation in the world is still difficult."

Halep then focused on his first official engagement after the break and on the next edition of the US Open. So she added: "Honestly, I don't know how to manage the come back to the court. The good thing is that we are all in the same situation.

We'll see who can get out better and who worse. I feel I have the experience to deal with this problem and I think that if I stay relaxed and do my best in every game, I will soon find my best form. But I'm also sure that the start won't be easy for me because I need matches to find the rhythm.

The US Open? I haven't made up my mind yet. I will make a choice after the Prague tournament. The situation is complicated and I am not yet 100% sure of what I will do," she concluded.