Sania Mirza Pens Letter For Mothers Inspired By Serena Williams' Documentary

Sania Mirza inspired by Serena Williams's documentary dedicates a letter for Mothers speaking about pregnancy and the challenges.

by Francis Banerjee
Sania Mirza Pens Letter For Mothers Inspired By Serena Williams' Documentary

Indian tennis icon Sania Mirza opens up about her pregnancy and dedicated the letter to the Mothers. The six-time Grand Slam champion made a comeback after two years following the birth of her son. Winning the WTA Hobart International, she marked her return to professional tennis in style.

The 34-year-old named the letter in a poetic fashion dedicating it to the Mothers. Influenced by the documentary “Being Serena”, Sania decided to write a piece that spoke of her experience. In "An Ode to All Mothers", Sania said: "Pregnancy and having a baby made me a better person"

The subtle change a pregnancy brings is phenomenal.

The idea of bringing a new life to this earth is thrilling as well as challenging. "Pregnancy is something that I had experienced for the first time in my life. I thought about it and I think we all have a certain picture about it but once you experience it, you really understand what it means.

It absolutely changes you as a human being."

Sania Mirza getting back in shape

The former doubles world number one speaks out on the challenges which follow soon after pregnancy. Post-pregnancy weight gains are the real hurdles that Serena Williams and Sania Mirza faced.

"Getting back to shape and form after pregnancy can be a challenge and I can relate to Serena and every other woman on that. I think it's normal for everyone because you don't know how your body is going to react post-pregnancy and during pregnancy." Sania speaks about how tough it is to understand how the body will react to the bulk put on by the pregnancy.

She echoes the struggle to shred the weights and getting back to be match-fit.

"Having put-on around 23kgs during my pregnancy, I wasn't sure if I was ever going to get back to being fit and playing tennis again. However, I lost around 26 kilos with a lot of workout regimes and very strict diets and came back to tennis because that's what I know, love, and do.

Every struggle is bearable once it starts fetching results. For Mirza, it was a great deal to get back to the point where she had left tennis. However, winning at Hobart not only boosted her confidence but also encouraged her to go for even tougher competitions.

“Finally, when I won at Hobart after coming back it was pretty amazing. I was honestly very proud of myself to have been able to put myself to compete at the highest level again and I think that's where I was mentally."

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