Naomi Osaka will become a Manga!

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Naomi Osaka will become a Manga!

Former world number one and prominent Japanese and world tennis player Naomi Osaka will star in her country in a new and unprecedented role. The three-time winner of Grand Slam tournaments and number 3 in the world will be the star of a manga available in her country aimed at teenage girls.

With precision Naomi Osaka, one of the main protagonists of women's tennis, currently, will be the main protagonist of the new series called Unrivaled Naomi Tenka-ichi, a series built under the supervision of her older sister Mari Osaka.

These will be published at the end of December in the monthly Nakayosi, a magazine aimed at the genre of Manga known as Shojo and for a young and mostly female audience. The series will be drawn with the author sisters under the pseudonym Futago Kamikita.

Naomi Osaka's words on the new manga

Through her Twitter account, Osaka sent the following message: "It's very exciting for my sister and me as we've been reading and watching manga since we were little and it's something that really keeps us together."

Last year there were some advertisements that already featured the girl of Haitian origin but in the end everything was canceled. Currently Naomi Osaka has dictated Serena Williams and is at the top of the most oahare tennis players on the circuit, she is a face of several brands in Japan where she is truly a celebrity.

This summer, Osaka became a protagonist in the anti-racist movement Black Lives Matter, a choice that led the Japanese to decide not to compete in the semifinal in Cincinnati as a protest, a choice aimed at protesting against the police ambush against the African American man Jacob Blake, killed in the United States in a situation that has generated numerous controversies.

Naomi Osaka is 23 years-old and one of the most promising tennis players in the world, she has a great future and is considered both for her role as a tennis player and for her battles and role in society. During the last US Open, Naomi has worn the shirt of Kobe Bryant several times, who tragically died earlier this year in a helicopter accident with his daughter Gianna.

She said: "I just want to be the kind of person he thought I would become," the Japanese woman said at a press conference. "He believed that I would become very strong, so I hope to succeed in the future."

The Japanese is in fact a big fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, winners of the latest NBA title. On Instagram, Naomi also revealed that her favorite city in Japan is Tokyo and that, when she was born, her parents had initially thought of baptizing her with the name of Leo.

The Japanese have qualified twice to the WTA Finals in Singapore and Shenzhen, but never made it through the group stage. The US Open was the last tournament played by the 23-year-old, who decided to skip Roland Garros also due to the excessive temporal proximity to Flushing Meadows.