Iga Swiatek changes racket and goes back to basics!

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Iga Swiatek changes racket and goes back to basics!

Iga Swiatek, the winner of 2020 Roland Garros, who dominated the event from start to finish, has left the Prince brand racket and signed an agreement with Tecnifibre, the company whose products she already used up to when she was 12 years old.

Iga Swiatek was one of the great protagonists of the tennis season, but in her 2020 season she wanted to offer reflections beyond tennis, to the delight of all her followers. The young Polish tennis player recalled life experiences such as swimming in LeMan Lake, graduating from high school, listening to good music and reading good books, seeing Paris at night, contemplating the coast of Poland in autumn, eating the best pancakes in Melbourne and of course, she plays tennis.

Iga Swiatek changes racket and goes back to basics!

The Pole tennis player in the twitt has inserted some photos that represent the best moments of her 2020 and next to these images she wanted to share her message: "What a crazy year!

The one just past is a year that allows you to understand how important the little things that bring you peace and joy. Many of the things like what happened in my 2020: I ate the world's best pancakes in Melbourne, I graduated high school, passed several major exams, I listened to good music and read some interesting books, I swam in the ocean and in the Lake Geneva, I have welcomed a new coach so I will have a new person to bore, I have met crazy people, I have learned so much about life.

I saw Paris at night and the coast of Poland in autumn and among other things, I also played a bit of tennis." Iga Swiatek with the success at Roland Garros becomes the first Polish tennis player in history to have won a Grand Slam event and the first tennis player born in the 21st century to do so.

Following the Parisian success, she became one of the top twenty tennis players in the world, pushing herself up to the 17th position in the ranking. The Pole is not only a solid tennis player but also an extremely determined girl.

Tennis was one of the options, not the only one in Iga Swiatek's life. If she had not obtained appreciable results within a couple of years, in his words, she would have abandoned the competitive activity. She said she would have concentrated on her studies and maybe she would have derived satisfaction in this manner.