Laura Robson undergoes third hip surgery and moves further away from return

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Laura Robson undergoes third hip surgery and moves further away from return

The 27-year-old Laura Robson underwent the third hip surgery last week, experiencing another setback and fading further away from a possible return. Laura was practicing ahead of the new season but had to pay a high price for that, feeling the pain and undergoing the third surgery in the last two and a half years.

The Briton can't even think about tennis at the moment, creating a long-term health plan and hoping to stay injury-free at any cost. Born in Melbourne, Robson had the opportunity to travel the world with her parents as a kid and make the first tennis steps in Singapore, staying in love with the sport once they moved to Great Britain.

Laura conquered the junior Wimbledon crown at 14 in 2008 and made an impressive professional debut, winning the first title in November that year!

Laura Robson underwent the third hip surgery last week.

Laura cracked the top-30 in 2013, standing as the youngster to watch in the previous two years, improving her game regularly.

Instead of moving forward, she suffered a left wrist injury that sidelined her from the court between January 2014 and Eastbourne 2015, struggling to deliver the desired return and barely winning any matches that year. In the next couple of seasons, Laura couldn't reach her old form and make the top-100 again, undergoing hip surgery in July 2018 and staying away from the court until February next year.

With no improvements, Laura competed at only three events in 2019, closing the season in April and opting for another hip surgery at the end of the year. Robson couldn't play matches in 2020 but was on a good recovery course before the latest injury that could end her playing career.

"Sadly, I had to undergo a third operation on my hip last week. I was desperate to carry on with training but was in so much pain that surgery was unavoidable. Following the surgeon and other doctors' advice, a decision has been made to prioritize the long-term health of my hip.

Where that leaves me with tennis, I'm really not sure; it will depend on how things heal in the next few months. More than anything, my goal is to have a happy, pain-free life. This whole process has been incredibly mentally draining, and I'm so grateful to the physios, family and friends that have been there to guide me through it, socially distanced, of course," Laura Robson said.