Ashleigh Barty violates health safety regulations!

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Ashleigh Barty violates health safety regulations!

Ashleigh Barty is definitely Australia's most loved tennis player, perhaps even more than her colleagues like Nick Kyrgios. Always without criticism, she has also ended up at the center of controversy, because she was in fact immortalized by photographers while shopping in Melbourne without a mask, thus violating the anti-COVID regulations of the state of Victoria.

The WTA No. 1 agent had to publicly apologize, calling Ashleigh's an innocent mistake. We have to recall that Barty was one of those people, along with her, who asked, like many of her compatriots, that the quarantine of tennis players and the measures taken to keep the population safe and put health first were right.

Barty said: "I accidentally forgot my mask, I apologize for that. I know we must all be responsible and this will never happen again." Speaking to AAP, the 2019 Roland Garros winner said: "I feel I have completed all the work.

I feel I have done what I had to do and I have the feeling that every year it does nothing but improve my game, it is always developing. more. Of course I haven't taken part in a Tour event for a year, so it will be a challenge; I also hope it's a long season, we don't have to panic if we haven't had a perfect start.

We're going to go out there and try to give our best, whatever happens. But I feel great. I'm ready to go and can't wait to get started. People can think anything they want. If he expects me to win the tournament, that's fine.

But that's certainly not what I think. It's about doing the right things right from the start, right from the very first game. Whether I win or lose, if I do things as I've always done them, I'll be able to sleep well at night, regardless of the outcome.

This is a very important part of the composition of our team. Everyone has a role, we all try to do our best. If that's okay, that's okay. If it goes wrong, it goes wrong. But that's okay. "