Naomi Osaka first tennis star of Workday brand

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Naomi Osaka first tennis star of Workday brand

From the next Australian Open Naomi Osaka will be the new Workday software brand ambassador. The Japanese is becoming the new face of many famous brands thanks to her growing popularity: it is not just a coincidence that Osaka is the first tennis star to form a relationship with Workday, which for now has partnerships with golfers such as Phil Mickelson, Matt Kuchar and Lauren Kim.

Osaka will wear the Workday logo on her shirt during the first Grand Slam of the season. The symbol will be found just below the logo of Nissin Food Groups, her sponsor since 2016, and it will replace the image of the Japanese airline All Nippon Airways.

Naomi said: "They came to see one of my workouts last year, and we had lunch. I have since been in contact with CEO Aneel Bhusri and I love his passion for business, sport and the community. I also enjoy working. with brands that are first in their category.

And this is definitely Workday. They have placed a huge emphasis on diversity and equal representation. They asked me to be a strategic consultant on some issues, and I am truly honored that they appreciate my opinion. . Every game is new and what you did last time, good or bad, cannot affect how you enter the court right now.

I'm really excited to start playing this year. And I'm excited to have Workday be a part of it. of my personal journey in 2021 and beyond."

Naomi Osaka for Louis Vuitton and Tag Heuer

Naomi Osaka like Roger Federer: the young Japanese star will be the new ambassador of the Swiss watch brand Tag Heuer, as Federer is for Rolex.

Osaka was the first Asian woman to become no.1 of the WTA ranking and the first Japanese player to win a Grand slam, in 2018, when she defeated Serena Williams and she won her first US Open title. Tag Heuer recognized in Osaka the core values ​​of the brand: mental strength, avant-garde, passion and high performance.

And only a few days ago is the news that Osaka has become the new cover woman of Louis Vuoitton. A rising star, capable of gaining popularity (also thanks to social media) and business. Osaka has a strong passion for fashion: she herself has declared that the passine for fashion is second only to that for tennis.

In addition to her sporting achievements, Naomi has also become an important figure in social struggles, as we saw last year during the protests following the brutal assassination of George Floyd, and at the center of the Black Lives Matter movement.