Victoria Azarenka's Think about it Podcast

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Victoria Azarenka's Think about it Podcast

Viktoria Azarenka, former world number one, came back in Melborune where she has long wanted to play, and that she has left an indisputable memory and value in her spirit and in her career. Looking forward to the start of the tournament she won in 2012 and 2013, Victoria recounts many interesting things in her speech with Sky Sports Azarenka seems to have a closer relationship with certain things after accumulating so many experiences, especially after her motherhood and her rebirth in tennis.

She said: "Whatever you do, whatever you want to do, I believe external judgment should never stop you from pursuing your dreams. I won't say I'm surprised by my career or surprised by my results. No, I'm not humble, I only think about it when people say it's a bit of a lie (laughs).

It wasn't necessarily surprising to me, but I was convinced that all the work I did would pay off." So much so that Vika dares to say that this is the happiest moment in her life as a tennis player. "I can say in no uncertain terms that I have never enjoyed tennis as much as I do now.

I have never enjoyed my life as much as I do now. I really feel like that girl who was ten and dreamed of being on a big stage. This is priceless to me, any amount of money is not worth as much as this feeling."

Victoria Azarenka's podcast

As a result of all these processes, Azarenka launched a project called Think about it , a podcast of conversations with people sharing their point of view on difficult and negative situations of life and their experiences.

"In sports, there aren't enough conversations that become truly 'real' and personal about emotions and feelings, fears, frustrations. I wanted to create something where I could learn from my guests and also take my audience on that learning journey.

We discussed topics like growing up in a tough neighborhood. We talked to a guest about the mental toughness of being a hostage to oneself, talking about her fear of taking a wrong step and potentially having a fatal outcome."

"Talking about being a mother, being a tennis player, talking about where I grew up and how I grew up, these are really difficult conversations we've had on a variety of really different topics. I have been able to share a lot of personal stories with people I have never met before and who have gone through similar things but with completely different paths.

It was very interesting for me and I hope it will be interesting for people. More than anything else, I can show more of my human and personal side. I think a lot of people know me as an athlete and a lot of people also talk about the fact that I'm a mom, but people didn't see me being a mom."