Iga Swiatek and Mikaela Shiffrin praise each other on Twitter

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Iga Swiatek and Mikaela Shiffrin praise each other on Twitter

Mikaela Shiffrin, just 26 years old, was one of the protagonists of the recent Cortina Wolrd Championships, while Iga Swiatek, Roland Garros champion, won the WTA Adelaide 2021. On Twitter, the two tennis and winter-sport stars praised each other The Pole in a video interview published last Saturday by the Tennis Channel told some important picological aspects of her game.

Swiatek said that she is not that passionate about skiing, but that she has a soft spot for Shiffrin: "I would love to meet her. I have enormous respect for her, she is a great role model for me because she participated in the first Olympics when she was still a teenager and I hope that this year I too can take part in my first Olympics and I would like to achieve great things.

She is doing something different in sport. It is not my passion, but I have followed di lei all her past season. My psychologist, when he talks about mental behaviors, often uses Mikaela as an example of good behavior and right attitude."

When the video went viral on Twitter, Shiffrin dedicated a long response to the young Polish tennis player: "Iga, thank you very much for the big compliment.

And then, congratulations on your success at Roland Garros 2020, it was a great match to watch and represents an important testament to your physical and mental strength. I learned so much watching your stitch construction and composure on that occasion and since then, for me, the mental part is always a work in progress with ups and downs but not forget that it is also a part of our life.

We are all human, with good and bad days, and sometimes the world expects you to have only good days and win everything by not understanding how long it can take just to win a competition, don't even think about all the competitions.

Since you are not a machine, there will be defeats that will hurt but we learn more from defeats than from victories and a defeat for someone can be re the victory of another." Iga then wrote: "I didn't expect it ...

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It means so much above all to know that you too have been in my condition. I couldn't watch the races in Cortina, because there was absolutely no way here. in Australia but I have followed every race and every news.

You are great "