Eugenie Bouchard goes on vacation: no Miami Open

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Eugenie Bouchard goes on vacation: no Miami Open

Although she has not been at the top of the women's circuit for some time, Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard is still one of the most talked about and followed by tennis fans. The Canadian has achieved excellent results in the past, she has become number 5 in the world and reached the final at Wimbledon and the semifinals at the Australian Open and Roland Garros.

All this in the now distant 2014 while at the moment the attractive tennis player is out of the top 100 tennis players in the world. Yesterday the Miami Open officially started, the first Masters 1000 of the season which saw several absences in the women's Tour and above all in the men's one.

The Canadian had the opportunity to accumulate interesting points during the tournament, but she incredibly enough she withdrew from the qualifiers and preferred to leave everything and go on vacation to California, in the USA.

Eugenie Bouchard on vacation

Through her social media profiles, the Canadian tennis player posted a photo in her Instagram account of her while she was enjoying her vacation in California. After the elimination in the Australian Open qualifiers, the Canadian tennis player first reached the doubles final at the WTA in Lyon and then reached the final in the singles in the WTA tournament in Guadalajara.

These recent results had given a certain confidence to the tennis player's fans but this choice left everyone quite perplexed and generally amazed. Recently the tennis player had declared: "It's a long way, I want to keep playing and try to play different matches.

I want to go back to tennis, something that I have recently lost." These statements at the moment do not coincide with this choice of Bouchard, as we see in the photo, at the moment on vacation. At the moment the tennis player is therefore stopped in the circuit and should return directly to the clay tournaments.

Having seen the ranking, however, she does not have the necessary points to return directly to the main tournaments of the circuit and above all if she wants to participate in the next Roland Garros she will have to come back and accumulate a good number of points. We have to recall that Genie has played her best year in 2014, when she got also the Wimbledon final.