Ana Ivanovic could come back at the in WTA Belgrade!

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Ana Ivanovic could come back at the in WTA Belgrade!

Ana Ivanovic could come back to playing tennis. And there would already be a date on the WTA season: the tournament in Belgrade, organized by Novak Djokovic's brother. It is actually thought that the beautiful Serbian tennis player former world no.1 and Roland Garros champion can only come back for one performance, but according to Italian magazine Gazzetta dello Sport, Ivanovic could come back to play a WTA tournament.

Four years later she married former Bayern Munich midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger and two children. A few days Ivanovic wrote on Istragram: "My key to a happy and successful life? Follow your passion and don't listen to anyone who doesn't understand you.

" It was the brother of Novak Djokovic and organizer of the WTA event in Belgrade to talk about the rcome back to the court of the former number 1, according Gazzetta dello Sport. But how realistic could that be? Four years later, without a good training and with all the young stars who are trying to dominate the WTA Tour today, her back as her, however vintage and dreamed of by many fans, could be extremely difficult.

Ana Ivanovic was among the most talented players in the history of tennis.

You have won 15 WTA singles tournaments in your career, including Roland Garros in 2008; in the Grand Slam tournaments she reached another final in Paris in 2007 and at the Australian Open in 2008. She was also world number one from 9 June to 10 August 2008 and then from 18 August to 7 September of the same year, for a total of twelve weeks.

After a period of poor results, she came back to success in 2014 by winning 56 games in all and returning to the top ten tennis players in the world six years after the last time. Ana retired from professional tennis in late 2016 at the age of 29 years-old.

On 12 July 2016 she married the footballer Bastian Schweinsteiger in Venice. The couple had two children: Luka and Stefan. Equipped with a powerful serve, Ivanovic preferred the baseline shots, with which she often closed the points thanks to her accelerations, especially in the forehand, her winning weapon, but was still able to play both at the net and with short balls.