Naomi Osaka: the secrets of her typical fitness day

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Naomi Osaka: the secrets of her typical fitness day

Naomi Osaka is trying to find the right solutions for the clay-swing, the most difficult moment of the season for her up to now, as we also saw at the Italian Open 2021 in Rome. The playing conditions of the clay-courts are not favorable to the type of game of the young Japanese tennis player, who however still has a lot of time to become competitive on this surface too.

Meanwhile, the young star is the tennis player of the moment, and she is becoming one of the icons of the sports world. In addition to her skill on the court and her beauty, the Japanese has also become an idol for her struggles against social injustice and against racism, making her become a bulwark for social equality.

Osaka is fought over by many famous brands, who have made it their icon. To stay competitive and in shape on the court, Naomi needs a planned and constant training, which includes an important food phase. During some recent interviews, like the one with US Weekly and Mind Body Green, Osaka explained what a typical day full of fitness is like.

Naomi Osaka: the secrets of her typical fitness day

She said: "I always start and finish my training with music. It keeps me focused and keeps me motivated for the future. Shakes? My trick is that if the fruits start to go bad, instead of wasting them, I cut them.

and I put them in small bags and freeze them so they're ready for my smoothies." After drinking her smoothie, Naomi does a quick warm-up stretch, then follows three hours of practice with her trainer, who alternates between floor strikes, cardio exercises, and leg exercises.

She then follows a snack with fresh berries and melon and a sports drink. After that, Osaka could indulge in an activity such as swimming. She love to eat smoked salmon and avocado toast for dinner first. Finally, Osaka also gives a lot of importance to rest by going to bed at a suitable time and after reading a good book.