One Strings Hi-Tech Italian Tennis Brand

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One Strings Hi-Tech Italian Tennis Brand

One Strings was established in November 2008
Brand born thinking at a new concept of quality, developing everyone sport product to provide professional products designed and developed to the highest possible performance and make them usable for all sports, even amateur.

manic search for details of each product sector, with limited production numbers. Materials designed to better performances, top quality that are combined with a unique design.
Technical developments that require months and months of studies and tests.

... these are the foundations on which it was founded One Strings In a world where most big-sports brands are copy of copy of another copy... One Strings gives you the opportunity to be part of something different. Risks and challenges One Strings project has been running for nine years.

One Strings was:
# technical official partner of Italian Tennis Federation for four years (2009/2012),
# technical partner with racquets and racquet bags at hystorical world Bruguera Tennis Academy in Barcelona Spain (2015),
# technical partner with vibration dampners at International Junior Orange Bowl Tournaments (2015) Each product has already been developed and prepared for delivery.

Our first tennis racquets total white and super "fresh" was requested to be show inside Vogue Usa Magazine .
The TV spots were broadcast on SuperTennis TV
and ESPN Sports live during WTD World Tennis Day Madison Square Garden for three years where we was also official partner (2015/2017) For Kickstarter Community we have decided to create something unique, special, fantastic.

Also customization created for KickStarter Community.
Uniqueness guaranteed by One Strings to the end user without intermediaries .