Locker Room Power with David Sammel

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Locker Room Power with David Sammel
Locker Room Power with David Sammel

David Sammel is a professional tennis coach, sports consultant and writer.

He is the author of the bestselling book, ‘Locker Room Power: Building An Athlete’ Mind’, and founder of Mindset College.

He is also Head Coach for TeamBath, a former professional tennis player, ex-president of the British Tennis Coaches Association and an accredited ATP Tour coach with over 30 years’ experience coaching international players. David has coached dozens of professional players and international junior champions.

He has been prolific in British tennis, coaching amongst others Jamie Delgado, Arvind Parmar, Andrew Richardson, Martin Lee, Barry Cowan, Miles MacLagan and current players Liam Broady and Samantha Murray. Players from other countries include Wesley Moodie, Chris Haggard and Marius Barnard.

As well as coaching, he regularly writes articles on sports psychology and coaching, also delivers consultancy services, mindset workshops and presentations to high level sports teams including tennis, rugby, football, cricket, athletics and basketball. He has undertaken consultancy work for England Rugby and high level football clubs including Chelsea, Fulham, Hull and Bolton Wanderers.

Mindset College is my brand new online coaching program, that will teach you the skills you need to build a strong mindset, and how to use that mindset to succeed as a professional athlete or coach, as well as in your everyday life.

In the interview we talk about a few of the most important topics in Locker Room Power including competitiveness, enthusiasm and weapons.

We also talk about his tennis journey and do the mega rapid fire quiz as well!

Enjoy the episode!

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David Sammel (born in 1961 in Johannesburg, South Africa) is a tennis coach, sports consultant and writer. Since 2010, David is the head coach at TeamBath and the author of the book Locker Room Power: Building an Athlete’s Mind.

David has coached dozens of professional players and international junior champions.

He currently coaches Liam Broady, and ATP Tour doubles tennis players Marcus Daniell, Marcelo Demoliner and Matwé Middelkoop.
David's first book, Locker Room Power: Building an Athlete's Mind, was published in January 2014 and has been positively referenced by sports personalities including Stuart Lancaster, Judy Murray and Tim Henman.  David has published to further books, A Guide To Moving From Junior To Professional Tennis and Belief vs Confidence: 8 steps to changing your life