PODCAST - Jofre Porta, Maverick Coach of Mallorca

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PODCAST - Jofre Porta, Maverick Coach of Mallorca
PODCAST - Jofre Porta, Maverick Coach of Mallorca (Provided by Tennis World USA)

In this episode, I have the honor to chat with Jofre Porta, a true legend in the tennis world.
Jofre is the owner and operator of Global Tennis Team, an international tennis academy in Mallorca, Spain. It is considered one of the best tennis schools in the world and I have had the privilege to experience it twice with my family!

You will be greeted with the words: "welcome to hell". It is a small but highly professional set up run by Jofre and his amazing wife Afiza. Here he has developed and puts into practice his coaching system called GlobalSystem which is quite unconventional but very effective.
Coach, educator, and philosopher, Porta is low key but as highly respected as other Spanish legends such as Toni Nadal, Lluis Bruguera or Pato Alvarez.
He is a key figure in Spanish tennis.
Porta has coached and toured with two #1 players in the world: Carlos Moyá, whom he was with just over ten years (from a small kid to #1 Atp) and Rafal Nadal whom (together with Toni Nadal) he trained for eight years.

He has also coached several other top players and many top juniors.
Other interesting work/experiences that Jofre has been involved in include:
Worked for the Spanish Tennis Federation
Nike adviser for two years
Master's degree of Tennis at the International University of Valencia
Worked as a sports commentator
Collaborated and advised many companies, organizations
Done many talks, presentations and conferences around the world GLOBAL TENNIS TEAM
The academy is led by Jofre Porta, renowned for having had professional links with Carlos Moyá and Rafa Nadal.

He is a student and philosopher of tennis, he dedicates a big part of his time and effort investigating on how to help tennis players maximise their potential. He has been on this journey of tennis for a long time and now can account for, among others, the experience of having accompanied Carlos Moya around the world (no:1 ATP 1999) for five years.

Many players and trainers(coaches) have been interested in his work and have hired his services as a coach. He has educated and shared his knowledge with many young people, some children with talent, for example Carlos Moyá, whom he was with just over ten years or Rafa Nadal whom (together with Toni Nadal) he trained for eight years when he was the director of the Center of Modernization of Balears (EBE).

He has been a captain of the Spanish selection team in the Nations cup (Dussendolf 2011); he was for three years in the Spanish Tennis Federation's ( la Real Federacion Espanola de Tenis ) groups of competition; a Committee Member of Formation in the Spanish Tennis Federation,(RFET) Nike adviser for two years, Professor in the Master's degree of Tennis at the International University of Valencia etc.

He is a professor of tennis for the RFET and has worked as a sports commentator on IB3 TV, and in addition his possible collaborations as technical adviser in companies such as Tennis4theworld, Itusa, Dartfish and many others.

For a few years now he has been travelling the world explaining his methodology, derived from the union of his experiences and knowledge, and many sporting entities have been interested in hiring him, including several national federations and the ITF.

Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Turkey are among the countries where he has been invited to give lectures and workshops. Currently he is the director of the International Academy GLOBAL TENNIS TEAM, where he develops and puts into practice what he has learned by applying this methodology called GlobalSystem.

You can find out more about Jofre and follow him and his academy at:
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