Marcia Grey, "Yoga For Tennis"

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Marcia Grey, "Yoga For Tennis"

In this Episode I interview Marcia Grey. Marcia talks about her ebook "Yoga for Tennis" which she co-wrote with Phillip Kim. Phillip Kim, also known as "PK" kindly put me in touch with Marcia. He is a USTA Tennis Professional, Tennis Pro at the Langham Huntington Hotel and Director of Tennis, City of Azusa, California.

He also has his own Tennis Blog : and podcast called TennisPAL Chronicles Podcast. Marcia, on the other hand, is a Certified Yoga Instructor, ACE Certified Fitness Trainer and an ACE Certified Group Exercise Instructor.

She talks about her ebook, her many experiences in the fitness world and specifically all the benefits of Yoga on the body of a tennis player. She plays tennis 4,5 times a week and loves everything to do with excercise, gym and fitness.

Following is an introduction of Marcia Grey which you will find on her ebook "Yoga For Tennis": I started my physical training career in Hampton Roads (Norfolk/Virginia Beach) which is home to the world's largest Navy base.

I became an ACE CPT (certified personal trainer), ACE GEI (group exercise instructor), and then a US Navy Fitness Trainer. I certified as a TRX Trainer and Pre-Natal Fitness Trainer, all of which allowed me to better serve the large population of military servicemen and women, their families, retirees, and Dept.

of Defense civilians. I can honestly say I absolutely loved my job! I have had great opportunities to work with people from all over the world, help military members stay mission ready, and assisted moms on their pregnancy journeys with fitness programs geared toward their specific needs.

I regularly led large ship commands up to 100 people in their Physical Readiness Test either indoors at the Navy gyms, on the flight deck of US Navy ships, or right on the beach. While at the Navy base, an opportunity arose to start a yoga program for the Navy community so I jumped at the chance.

I completed my 200 hour CYT (certified yoga teacher) and taught initially on base for three years then branched out to the surrounding community where I teach now at a yoga studio in Virginia Beach. I love how yoga is such a beneficial addition to any fitness routine.

I specifically like to work on improving the shoulder girdle and hip rotation with my students. It is beneficial for everyone but particularly for tennis players who use shoulder and hip turns in their strokes. It is also beneficial for mobility, for serve, and for open hips in footwork.

I invite my students to explore their body's movement while leading them in a fun and creative class. In my spare time, you will find me on the tennis court. My fave surface is a hard court in the scorching high East Coast summer humidity.

I like to play indoors. My French Bulldog Louie is a tennis fan and loves to retrieve the balls for me while running around on the court. If you would like to get in touch with Marcia or PK and order their ebook or just find out more and ask any questions, following are their contact details: Marcia Gray [email protected] Instagram : @seattlemgray Phillip Kim [email protected] Social Media : @lovesetmatch Tennis Blog : Enjoy the episode!

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