Wimbledon 2022: Jannik Sinner slips, Novak Djokovic helps him

Great comeback victory for the Serbian champion

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Wimbledon 2022: Jannik Sinner slips, Novak Djokovic helps him

Jannik Sinner and Novak Djokovic started a great match yesterday at Wimbledon. The Serbian champion won a comeback in five sets and thus reached the semifinals of the London tournament. Great start by Sinner who won the first set comeback and dominated the second set, the Serbian tennis player former number one in the world has increased the pace and has become (as often happens to him) unplayable, literally destroying the certainties of the young South Tyrolean.

During the match Jannik had a big fall and Novak Djokovic immediately went to the other side of the net to make sure of his condition, proving once again that he is not only a great athlete but also a tennis player who has great respect for the players.

Sinner told: "My left ankle sprained. At first I felt pain and was a little scared, but later, when I took the first steps, I felt it was okay. I paid some attention to the first two points. The most important thing is that my body is okay.

I enjoyed it when I was younger. I was not focused on one sport in particular, I practiced several. I always tried to do what I wanted and I chose the tennis. Playing other sports can help you athletically." Here is the video:

Wimbledon Jannik Sinner Novak Djokovic