Stefanos Tsitsipas 'Indecent Proposal' Margot Robbie!

The Greek protagonist after the victory of the match

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Stefanos Tsitsipas 'Indecent Proposal' Margot Robbie!

The ride of the Greek tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas continues at the Australian Open 2023. The Greek talent appears as the only real candidate to stop Novak Djokovic and tomorrow the Greek will face the Russian Karen Khachanov in the semifinals.

Stefanos has led 5-0 in previous meetings and there is now great optimism about the chances of reaching the final of the tournament. Tsitsipas wants to fight and finally try to reach the first Grand Slam of his career, the tournament that could consecrate him among the greats of tennis and the ATP circuit.

Stefanos Tsitsipas is not only contending for the final victory but also for the position in the ranking as if he wins the tournament the Greek would overtake Carlos Alcaraz and become the new number 1 in the world. There is curiosity about his possible performance in the final against the Serbian, especially after the 2021 final at the Roland Garros where Tsitsipas was two sets ahead but suffered yet another comeback from the Serbian champion.

Stefanos Tsitsipas invites Margot Robbie!

Not only the performances on the pitch because Stefanos has made himself known in these hours for a curious request. The tennis player, interviewed on the sidelines by Jim Courier, made a curious request: "I like many things about Australia and Margot Robbie is my favorite actress.

I'd like to see you here some day!" A particular and quite sudden request, words that have intrigued the public and insiders. Margot Robbie is one of the most famous actresses in the world, well known in Hollywood. She is 32 years old and older than Stefanos but the Greek has made this curious proposal/request.

Now we'll see if the actress known for films like The Wolf of Wall Street, Suicide Squad or Harley Queen. Meanwhile Stefanos Tsitsipas tries, here is the video:

Stefanos Tsitsipas flies to the semifinals at the Australian Open 2023.

The Greek champion, still in the running for the first position in the ranking, easily beat the Czech and surprise of the tournament Lehecka and reached the fourth semifinal in five years in Australia. The Australian Open is a tournament in which he has always found himself very well and this time he will face the semifinal as a clear favorite, given the previous 5-0 against the Russian Karen Khachanov.

Stefanos spoke at the press conference and discussed today's match: "It's fantastic to be here again in the semifinal. I'm very happy with my game and I'm looking for something magical here in Australia. Philippousis? Mark is part of my staff because we understand that the dynamics with my father and I work very well, there is no friction.

We all get along, zero conflict. In this 2022 I am having fun, he is a good boy and he can advise both me and my father.