Carlos Alcaraz's come back: the HIGHLIGHTS

In the match of the 250 tournament, the US Open champion beats Laslo Djer in three sets: 6-2, 4-6, 6-2 is the final result

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Carlos Alcaraz's come back: the HIGHLIGHTS

First win of the season for Carlos Alcaraz. In the ATP of Buenos Aires, the Spanish tennis player won his first match after returning from double injury: the first suffered in Paris-Bercy, the second just before the start of the Australian Open.

In the match of the 250 tournament, the US Open champion beats Laslo Djer in three sets: 6-2, 4-6, 6-2 is the final result. Flawless first set for the former world number one: two breaks, on the first two break points granted, bring the first set to the close in just under half an hour.

In the second, however, the match becomes more fought. Djere pushes with his serve and with the other shots, pushing Alcaraz further and further behind the baseline. The Spanish tennis player suffers more, gets surprised by some shots from the Serbian opponent, like the passer along the line at 30-15 in the Spaniard's service game, and concedes a lot.

In the fifth game he concedes three break points, one step away from losing the serve to zero, but a lightning forehand starts the mini comeback. Same scenario also in the tenth game. Down 40-0, he tries to comeback, but a single ace is not enough for the Spaniard to save himself from the set point for Djere, won with a beautiful backhand down the line.

In the third set, however, Alcaraz decides to immediately put an end to the situation. The initial break gives motivation to the Slam champion, the second break, arrived with a forehand finished on the net by Djere at 40-30, writes the final word to the match.

At the end of the match, he said: "I felt very good, I have a lot of room for improvement. Returning to competition after four months is complicated. The only way to find the rhythm is to play, so slowly I will improve. Obviously I go to every tournament thinking I'm going to win it and my goal is to win the title.

It's my first game after four months, the first of the year, and it was a great first game for me, great tennis, but far from the level I always play. Beyond the hits, there are the moments. There were several where I couldn't handle them.

Stitches that were very fast and I didn't know how to control myself, that's what I'm missing." Below the highlights shared by Tennis TV YouTube channel:

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