"Screaming like a bit*h," Fucsovics, SHOCKING rampage AGAINST Baez A Lyon

Really regrettable episode at the ATP tournament in Lyon

by Lorenzo Ciotti
"Screaming like a bit*h," Fucsovics, SHOCKING rampage AGAINST Baez A Lyon

Really regrettable episode at the ATP tournament in Lyon. It continues the preparation of the players during the season on red clay and, above all, in view of the Roland Garros now upon us. In the meantime, on the one hand, another great seasonal event has concluded, the Masters 1000 in Rome, which saw Daniil Medvedev triumph, on the other, other tournaments are also underway such as the ATP 250 in Lyon which involves, among the others, Marton Fucsovics and Sebastian Baez.

The two are not mentioned by chance, because they became the protagonists of a heated bickering during the course of their match (later won 6-4 7-6 by the Argentine who will face his compatriot Cachin in the next round) and taken up by the ATP Tour on your own social channels.

The expert Hungarian tennis player, evidently annoyed by the provocative and unsportsmanlike attitude of his opponent, at one point decided to say a word to him. "How old are you, 12?!" Fucsovics told Baez, who sarcastically replied with: "No, 22." Fucsovics then began to rant against the Argentine calling him a child and comparing him to other peers, according to him equally incorrect.

"You yell 'Vamos' at every point I get wrong," continued Fucsovics, who then let slip a few too many offenses like: "Screaming like a bit*h!" forcing the chair judge to intervene not only to calm spirits but also to call the Hungarian to order, inviting him to use language in keeping with the regulations.

It was not the only controversial episode in these hours

What happened in Geneva in the match between Adrian Mannarino and Filip Krajinovic is incredible, indeed, inexplicable.

With the score 5-1 and service for the Frenchman, one step away from victory after having already won the first set, Krajinovic unleashes an extremely secluded backhand that goes wide. Mannarino goes to check the mark of the ball first and evaluates it as good, only to then wait for the check from chair umpire Greg Allensworth and this is where the absurd dynamic occurs.

The referee, differently from the French, evaluates Krajinovic's shot out and concedes a point to Mannarino, sending him up 30-0. "So, you grant him the point?" Allensworth asked Mannarino, who suddenly changed his mind: "No, I'm not conceding the point.

If he's out, he's out, I don't care." At that point, the injured party could not fail to intervene, Krajinovic, who extremely annoyed asked Allensworth for an explanation: "It doesn't matter, he's winning anyway. It doesn't matter about this match.

Then ask him what he thinks. If he's decided whether it's good or no. It's good. Why ask him? You asked him if he says he's inside." The Serbian, in fact, wondered why the chair umpire had asked Mannarino to evaluate the sign of the ball if by now the Frenchman had already judged it good.