Andy Murray and Ivan Ljubicic tease Liam Broady for his RG outfit!

Broady wore a particular outfit in the qualifying matches at the Roland Garros


Andy Murray and Ivan Ljubicic tease Liam Broady for his RG outfit!

Liam Broady's qualifying path towards a place in the main draw of the Roland Garros 2023 was interrupted practically immediately. The British tennis player, winner on his debut against the French Gea, was held back just in the second round by the American Emilio Nava, who is imposed in three sets with a score of 6-4 0-6 6-3.

Still, Broady will still stick in the mind, if not for the accomplishments. It was his Bidi Badu outfit that put him in sight, which particularly attracted the attention of his countryman Andy Murray and the former Croatian champion Ivan Ljubicic, protagonists of a hilarious teasing against Broady.

In fact, the Scotsman revealed that he had received a message in which Ljubicic commented on Broady's outfit, which he said was so revisable that he declared: "I had to run away from the field to vomit." In an interview with LTA, Murray explained: "He was absolutely mistreated for the kit he was wearing.

It was awful. I even received a text from Ivan Ljubicic saying: Sorry for sending you this, but I had to flee the pitch to go throwing up He said to me: It's terrible. You have to tell him something." The producers then asked Andy Murray if they could send Liam Broady the video criticizing his clothing, to which the three-time Grand Slam winner promptly replied: "Yes, please, yes.

It's terrible."

Murray's goal is Wimbledon

Tim Henman, who stopped four times in the semifinals at Wimbledon, believes Murray can reach week two in London without too much trouble He said: "When I reflect on how well he played in Australia and think of all the difficult matches he has managed to overcome, I have no doubt that he will make it to week two at Wimbledon.

At that point, the board may open. He has to get through the first week and build that confidence capable of giving him an important boost in view of subsequent commitments. His experience is invaluable. There aren't many opportunities to play on this surface because the grass season is quite short.

So tennis players don't have much time to accumulate experience. Murray, on the other hand, has won Wimbledon twice and will have the support of the entire crowd. I can't wait to see him play Wimbledon."

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