Roland Garros: Carlos Alcaraz hits the POINT OF THE YEAR against Djokovic

Novak Djokovic then beats the Spaniard to get the Roland Garros final

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Roland Garros: Carlos Alcaraz hits the POINT OF THE YEAR against Djokovic

It was the most anticipated match of the year and is living up to expectations. The semifinal of the Roland Garros between world number one Carlos Alcaraz and Serbian tennis player, twenty-two times winner of Grand Slam titles, Novak Djokovic, was amazing in the first two sets, before the Spaniard suffered for cramps.

Then the Serbian star was able to close the match in 4 sets, getting the final of the French Open, in which he will meet Casper Ruud. A very heartfelt challenge that is as good as a final, especially given that the so-called outsiders, Casper Ruud and Alexander Zverev, are still in the lower part of the scoreboard, now expected in a short time from the second semifinal.

This match also applies to the number one in the world with Novak Djokovic only forced to win. The Serbian tennis player won the first set, getting the decisive break (the only break so far) in the fourth game.

Roland Garro: Carlos Alcaraz hit the POINT OF THE YEAR against Djokovic

6-3 the first set with Alcaraz who had several chances to even the score but suffered with a few mistakes too many.

Second set which immediately becomes decisive with Nole who could go 2-0 and the number one forced to defend himself against rival attacks. In the third game of the second set Alcaraz scored one of the points of the year, a point that left his mouth open and even made his opponent open his arms wide.

Very heated challenge with Alcaraz who wants to close the second set and immediately try to even the scores of the sets in this match. Overtaken by a perfect lob from Nole, Carlos made a one-handed loop that was nothing short of extraordinary.

Ecstatic audience and Djokovic himself spread his arms and smiled. One of the points of the year, a race that shows great uncertainty and that will probably be until the end. Here is the video of this amazing shot:

Roland Garros Carlos Alcaraz Novak Djokovic