ATP Halle: Nicolas Jarry moves everyone with his son's support in the stands

Despite losing to Alexander Zverev in the quarter-finals, the Chilean could count on the support of his family

by Lorenzo Ciotti
ATP Halle: Nicolas Jarry moves everyone with his son's support in the stands

Nicolas Jarry went as far as the quarterfinals of the ATP 500 in Halle before being defeated by the German player Alexander Zverev with a score of 7-5 6-3. But even a defeat can easily be soothed by the affection of loved ones.

And that is certainly what happened to the Chilean. Despite the exit from the scene, in fact, the Chilean tennis player was able to count on the support of a particular fan, his son Juan, in the arms of his mother Laura, in the stands.

The scene of little Juan and his mother who, to entertain him, made him wear her own sunglasses is nice and very tender. Equally cute was the reaction of the child who was amused by the thing. Here are the amazing moment:

Jarry and his son Juan: a scene that repeats itself

It's not the first time that Nicolas Jarry and his son Juan have appeared together while the Chilean was playing.

Already last March, in fact, after the victory of the Movistar Chile Open, the little one had given a show in his dad's arms during the post-match interview on the field. Jarry who, on that day, had taken almost three hours to reassemble Tomás Martín Etcheverry, inflaming the Santiago crowd, and conquer his second career title.

The images, even in that case, had aroused the hilarity of the fans present in the stands.

After the 11-month disqualification imposed on the Chilean tennis player, the athlete confirmed to the microphones of La Tercera three years ago that he had found an agreement between the parties, thus avoiding going to trial.

However, he recalled that he had accepted to facilitate this situation, but that he does not feel guilty at all. Here are the tennis player's statements: "People must believe in my innocence, I have never tried to cheat. It was bad luck, a contamination of pills.

On the other hand, with the quantities they found of this material in my body it is clear that the amount was insufficient and could never really take effect. As my lawyer said it's like a little ball of salt in an Olympic swimming pool. Even three days before this test where I was found positive, I had another checkup and had no problems."

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