Wimbledon: Novak Djokovic amazed Carlos Alcaraz with an incredible point!

The Serbian wins a magnificent rally. The Spaniard does everything but he has to give up

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Wimbledon: Novak Djokovic amazed Carlos Alcaraz with an incredible point!

It's an incredible, no-holds-barred final at Wimbledon. Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz are battling it out on Centre Court, delighting the crowd in the stands and the fans with a match that will remain in everyone's minds and memories for some time.

The two are fighting for the prestigious London Grand Slam title and won't give up an inch to try and beat their opponent. There are many interesting tactical ideas from the match, which is giving away quite a few spectacular points.

One of these was won by Nole in a magnificent way: both going on goal, the 36-year-old from Belgrade left the Spaniard no chance with a volley from a precise and tight angle. Here is the video posted on Twitter of the exchange.

Alcaraz ahead after the first three sets

Djokovic got off to a very strong start in this final act in London, trying to immediately set things straight.

As against Jannik Sinner, the Serbian secured a break of lead, but this time he kept pushing and (taking advantage of his opponent's many mistakes) he strengthened the lead up to 5-0, before closing with a score of 6-1 .

In the second set it was the number 2 in the world who committed many free kicks, incredibly even with a backhand, and the Iberian gained confidence and held on to the result. The two, having reached the tie-break, gave birth to a wonderful mini-match, which ended with the 8-6 victory of Carlos Alcaraz, able to restore parity in the count of sets.

In the third set Djokovic collapsed psycho-physically under the exuberant blows of Alcaraz, who was able to win 6-1, returning the same score as in the opening set to his rival. The match is in the 4th and decisive set. In the 4th set, Carlitos is ahead 2-1.

We recall that bot the player are fighting to gets incredible milestones: Nole the 8th Wimbledon title, Alcaraz for the 2md Slam in two Major finals played.

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