The terrible images when Yibing Wu collapses on the Washington court

Scene of absolute fear on the opening day of the ATP 500 in Washington: the strong heat knocks down the Chinese tennis player

by Lorenzo Ciotti
The terrible images when Yibing Wu collapses on the Washington court

It was not a positive opening day for the ATP 500 tournament in Washington, indeed it was close to drama. During the all-oriental first round match between the Chinese Yibing Wu and the Japanese Yosuke Watanuki, the crowd witnessed a chilling scene, to say the least.

Thanks to the very high temperatures and high humidity, Wu collapsed in the middle of the match. Yibing led on the result of 4-1, and approached the chair to take his towel and shelter for a few seconds from the strong heat, but all of a sudden he collapsed, collapsing to the ground.

The 23-year-old from Hangzhou immediately tried to get up, but with great difficulty. Medical assistance intervened immediately, trying to revive him. Fortunately, the situation seems to have then returned, thus avoiding situations of various alarms.

However, his withdrawal from the match was of course immediate. They were therefore minutes of tension in the stands due to the conditions of the Chinese tennis player, who scared everyone. A scene you would never want to see on a tennis court.

Looking forward to learning more about Yibing Wu's condition, we wish him the best and hope for a speedy recovery.

Yibing Wu, the first Chinese to win an ATP title

23-year-old Chinese tennis player became the first Chinese tennis player in history to win an ATP title.

An extraordinary success and the Asian athlete won after a great battle and three tiebreaks against the American John Isner, defeated in three sets, conquering the 2023 Dallas Open. A very tough match where Isner almost signed a record by signing even 44 ace, but the young Chinese remained attached and managed to bring home an exciting victory.

Born in Hangzhou in 1999 Yibing Wu is slowly climbing the rankings and after this week he entered the world Top 60. After the race, the Chinese commented on the victory: "I feel happy. It's not just about winning the title but it's more about me personally making the history of my country.

It's very important not only for now but also for the next generations, then I'm aware that if I continue like this and I'm able to move forward, many other things will come."

Yibing Wu