They boo him: Novak Djokovic mocks the Italian crowd!

The Serbian champion found a very creative way to respond to the crowd's boos

by Lorenzo Ciotti
They boo him: Novak Djokovic mocks the Italian crowd!
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Novak Djokovic had a bittersweet moment with the ATP Finals crowd. The Serbian champion received boos from the people in the stands of the PalaAlpitour in Turin, while he was watching Jannvano at the match between the Serbian and their home-crowd hero Jannik Sinner.

The Serb was annoyed by some of the behavior of the crowd, which became wild, with shouts of incitement and shouts of joy towards their idol. Behaviors that annoyed Nole, who initially addressed the people in the stands with ironic applause.

At that point, at the changeover, the Serb was booed but, as a great champion as he is, he responded to the people in the stands in a rather ironic way, moving his arms on the bench like an orchestra conductor. At the end of the match (probably due to Sinner's victory!) Djokovic received deserved applause from the Italian crowd, who rightly paid him the honours.

Below the funny video shared by The Tennis Letter X account:

Then, after the crowd-boos and the match, Djokovic honored Sinner

At the press conference, Nole praised Sinner with beautiful words: "Sinner deserved the victory.

I wasn't aggressive and decisive enough in the crucial phases. I gave him the chance to take control of the rallies. I simply have to congratulate him. He played a fantastic match. This is what I told him during the handshake. Do Alcaraz and Sinner seem very motivated when they face me? I don't think there's anything strange.

It's normal that they want to beat me. This happens everywhere I play. Everyone wants my scalp, Jannik got it today. It's hard to lose matches like this, but I'm happy with how I fought." The Serbian champion also had honest words about the PalaAlpitour crowd: "Obviously Jannik is the only Italian in the tournament and playing in Italy in front of his home crowd energizes him Very.

It's normal that the audience was rooting for him. We last faced each other at Wimbledon in the semi-final. I won in three sets, but the match was very balanced: a few points decided each set. Compared to the match played at Wimbledon, he served better. But I think the main difference was the courage with which he played the important points."

Novak Djokovic